Supplementary Information

Following the successful publication of the Code for Leasing Premises in England and Wales 2007 the Working Group, responsible for the Code, considered that some issues involved in commercial leases were very complex and required further supplementary information.

Briefing Notes

Caveat: The Briefing Notes do not form part of the Code for Leasing Premises in England and Wales

The Briefing Notes are intended to provide readers with additional information on particular topics to ensure that they have a better understanding of a particular issue and where to get further information. The Briefing Notes are not a substitute for professional advice.

Briefing Note: Environmental Management of Building Agreement (PDF 110 KB).

Briefing Note: Environmental Good Practice (PDF 120 KB).

The Relevance of Energy Performance Certificates to new leases (PDF 122 KB).

Empty Rate Relief - the impact of reforms on the Code for Leasing Business Premises (PDF 120 KB).

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