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CLG Monitoring of Code for Leasing Business Premises - First Phase


When the Code for Leasing Business Premises was launched in March 2007, the Government announced their intention to monitor its impact. Research is envisaged to be in two parts.

Communities and Local Government (CLG) has now commissioned the first part of this research that will assess the dissemination, awareness and use of the Code since its launch. A subsequent research study in 2010-11 will look at more substantive issues, namely, the impact of the Code on leasing patterns, against the background of trends in the property market.

The objective of this initial round of research is to gauge:

how far the Code has been disseminated in the commercial property market and, specifically, the awareness of it amongst landlords, tenants and their professional advisers.

the extent of active use of the Code documents in negotiations, whether or not this affected the outcome (which is outside the scope of this initial research).

the sources of advice to tenants on the Code and their perceptions of its impact on leasing.

Following a competitive tendering exercise, the contract was awarded to a research team led by Professor Neil Crosby of the School of Real Estate and Planning at Reading University, who carried out previous research on the two earlier versions of the Code, published in 2000 and 2005.

The publication of the final report of this first stage monitoring exercise is due later in 2009.

Contact details:
Patrick Martin
Sustainable Regeneration Design & Property Division
Communities & Local Government
3/D1 Eland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DU
Tel: (020) 7944 5567

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