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New Briefing Notes launched for the First Anniversary of the Code for Leasing Business Premises


The third edition of the voluntary code was launched exactly a year ago by then planning minister, Yvette Cooper. In celebration of the first anniversary and to continue to draw attention to the importance of the Code the property industry has launched new Briefing Notes for businesses.

The Briefing Notes are not part of the Code but provide additional information on specific issues.

The first two Briefing Notes launched cover energy performance certificates (EPCs) and rates increase on empty property, which come into effect from 1 April.

You can find the Briefing notes below on the website at:

Energy Performance Certificates the relevance to new leases

Empty Rate Relief the impact of reforms on the Code for Leasing Business Premises

The Lease Code sets out best practice within the industry, encourages transparency and flexibility in the market and if applied will lead to transactions being completed more quickly and with fewer conflicts both at the outset and during the course of the lease.

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Nadia Nath-Varma

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